Meet The 4 Brown Queenz™


These queens are Four successful and experienced black women who transitioned from professional careers in various industries to becoming entrepreneurs in the hair locking industry.


Over the years they have developed and refined their locking skills and techniques through research and mentoring from other skilled locticians to ensure that their clients receive the best they have to offer.  Their reputations as Interlocticians have been stellar and now they want to share and help others realize their entrepreneural dreams!


Thank you for your interest in The Interlock Academy™.  This course was designed to motivate and encourage the aspiring entrepreneur within to take that leap of faith towards his/her dreams.


The Interlock Academy™ course is an intensive two-day virtual course.  The first day is packed with engaging instruction that will make you feel like you are in a front row seat of an in-person classroom with the instructor speaking directly to you!   The beauty of this course is that you can complete day one at your own pace. You will be given plenty of time to process your learning and practice with your homework assignment(s).  Day two will close the class with a live two hour Q&A session where you'll interact directly with your instructors, the 4 Queenz.  You will complete this course with information that you can use immediately to get started with your business plans.


Our 2021 class registration will open on January 1, 2021.  We will also be launching a brand new website, so stay tuned!