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We offer branded loc Retightenings and Interlock Retightenings for:    

  • Microlocks
  • Small -Medium Interlocks
  • Small-Medium Traditional Locs

We recognize that many consultants do not accept transfer clients; however, our goal (when we are able to accommodate) is to help-- even those who are having MINOR difficulties with their branded locs, Interlocks, or Microlocks.  Understanding this, please know that not all transfer requests will be accepted


To be seriously considered, be prepared to provide background info about your current hair situation AND current pictures of your locs.  When requested, photos should show all sides and an example of parting of your locks while focusing on new growth and overall length. If you are not willing to provide key info regarding your lock history, it is very likely that you will not be provided an appointment, so please answer any questions as thoroughly as possible.  We understand that things happen and sometimes personalities just don't jive; however, at LockZitude the consultant/client relationship is a partnership that only thrives with transparency and trust on both sides. I aim to be honest with clients and I cannot help address issues with your locs if pertinent info is being withheld.


What to expect after initial email communications:


1.  A "Mini" Consultation:  $Free and may be done virtually. Roughly 30 minutes long.The mini consultation is REQUIRED before LockZitude consultants will consider providing services.  Please know that mini consultations and initial appointments WILL NOT typically be scheduled for the same day unless there is a special circumstance that warrants doing so. This consultation allows me to assess the condition of your locks, your retightening/repair needs, and to determine if there will be a good client/consultant "fit".    Initial retightening rates are typically higher for your first retightening with LockZitude  as a transfer.  If you decide you'd like to remain on our service and book your next appointment, your regular rate will match the current reti rate for regular LockZitude customers.  




INITIAL branded transfer flat rates start at $140 for up to 3 hours of service.  After 3 hours, add $20 per additional half hour whether one minute over or 29 minutes over.  At 4 hours, we will stop and a 2nd appointment will have to be scheduled. Details will be discussed at the mini consultation; however, please know that to lock in an appointment on the calendar, you will be required to pay a deposit of $70.  The balance due will be paid at your appointment. 

  • REGULAR retightenings rate starts at $120.
  • INITIAL and REGULAR INTERLOCK flat  reti rates are the same at $75 for up to 2 hours of service then $20 per addtional half hour up to 4 hours.

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SORRY, not currently accepting transfer clients.