Do you love the look of the popular branded locks but don’t care for the price tag? 


Do you love the neatness of branded locks but don’t want your locks to be as small?


Have you heard about the amount of time it takes to have the branded locks established and you already know you don’t want to sit that long?


Interlocks may be the PERFECT choice for you.

Interlocks are a GREAT alternative for someone who wants the nice and neat appearance of branded locks without the hefty price tag.


The popular branded locks created by Dr. Cornwell are essentially interlocks, but there’s just specific practices and guidelines that trained practitioners like myself must follow when establishing them in someone’s head.  On average, the number of locks I typically establish can range from 400-450 locks.


With Interlocks, on average the number of locks I aim to install average between 250-280.  This equates to a much quicker time for me to establish the locks.  On average, my Interlock clients are established in one day with some sunlight to spare.  At least in the summertime this is the case.  Although you will have less locs in your head with Interlocks, it still looks great because I also use a grid for neatness.  In fact, my clients have reported growing tired of correcting people when people compliment their "branded" locks they just say thank you and keep it moving.? The untrained eye does not know the difference between the branded l and Interlocks. They only see beautiful locs and a carefree attitude.


  • My current STARTING price for branded locks is $625 for four inches. Price goes up for each additional inch up to 8 inches.


  • The current STARTING price for Interlocks is $425 for four inches. Price goes up for each additional inch.

Retightenings for branded locks usually take anywhere between 2-3 hours—depending on the client’s hair. Starting cost for retightenings is $120.


Retightenings for Interlocks usually take anywhere between 45 minutes-90 minutes depending on the client’s hair.  Starting cost for retightenings is $75

With Interlocks, I am not bound to any restrictive timelines and strict requirements to get started, so depending on calendar availability, you can literally have a consultation today and I could conceivably install your interlocks tomorrow-- if schedules permitted.

I DO NOT establish “microlocks.”  My feeling is that if you want smaller locks, you might as well go ahead and pay for the branded locks because the effort is still needed to create the locs smaller and what you are paying for is time—so I offer two options—bra dedl or Interlocks.  I’m aware that plenty of other consultants may offer Microlocks, but I do not.  I offer transfer retightening services for microlocks, but I do not install them. 


Interlock Criteria to request Interlock Services: 

  • Consultation required.
  • Have 4-6 inches of loose, natural hair. (No straight or wet-n-wavy-textured hair).  The length restriction is not negotiable at this time.
  • If you have split ends, you will be advised to have them cut to ensure we are locking healthy hair that can be left alone to flourish for at least the next year.
  • Flexibility in your schedule. (If you have a very restrictive schedule and can only attend appointments on the weekends or only on certain days of the week, this will likely be a problem.  I do not work many weekends and my appointments range from morning to evenings during the weekday.  I need you to have the ability to be flexible when it comes to scheduling your appointments.  I try to work with my clients, but my availability is what it is.  We may both have to compromise to some degree, but if you are not willing or are unable to offer flexibility, we will not be a good fit.

If you are ready to start your Interlock journey, go over to the contact page and submit the interest form (WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE) to express your interest in scheduling a consultation.


Consultations are $30 and must be pre-paid to lock in your appointment.