Frequently Asked Questions About Sisterlocks™ (LockZitude's Perspective)

What are Sisterlocks®?
Sisterlocks® is a natural hair management system that allows people with tightly-textured hair to take advantage of a wide range of hairstyles without having to alter the natural texture of their hair or add extensions.


Sisterlocks® can be low maintenance, but they are not NO maintenance!  This is a common misunderstanding.  I and other consultants will provide strict instructions regarding the maintenance of your locks between visits for retightenings after the establishment.  Failure to adhere to the prescribed guidelines may result in disappointing results.  

How do Sisterlocks® differ from traditional dreadlocks (locs)?
Sisterlocks® differ from traditional locks in many ways to include the precision grid pattern used to create them; the technique used to start and maintain them; and in the overall stability of the lock over time. Choosing Sisterlocks® over traditional locks is really a matter of personal preference and the ultimate goals each individual has for the desired look of his/her hair.


How much do Sisterlocks® cost?
The cost to have your Sisterlocks® established is driven primarily by the length of your hair, but the thickness of your hair, the texture, and your head size (not joking) contributes to your quoted price. The longer the hair, the more expensive your STARTING price will be to have the locks established. You need at least 4 inches of natural/chemical free hair for LockZitude consultants to do your hair.  While there are many other consultants that are willing to work with shorter hair to start locks, we have chosen not to do so for multiple reasons. 


After your first retightening, we will determine how often you need to return for retightenings and it may take a couple of visits to truly see how your hair grows etc.  Your maintenance routine will be specific to your hair needs--all of which we will discuss.


When considering Sisterlocks® it is important to keep in mind that retightenings on a regular schedule will be necessary every 4-7 weeks.  Potential clients should carefully consider this schedule and the affordability of this hair care system.  We want our clients to make informed decisions.  In my personal experience as the owner of LockZitude, I have saved more money due to a decreased need for buying shampoos, conditioners, oils, detanglers, and hair for braiding/weaving.  I am no longer spending hundreds of dollars for a hairstyle that I have to take out after a couple of months.  Again, you have to decide how Sisterlocks® will or will not fit into your current budget.  Only you can answer whether or not you can truly afford Sisterlocks®.

How long will it take to do my hair? 
The amount of time needed to complete your establishment depends on the length of your hair. The longer the hair, the thicker the hair... the longer it takes. Beauty and art takes time my friend! An initial establishment can range anywhere from 15-20 hours or more. We will discuss a projected time line during your consultation, but on average, two full days are reserved for establishment appointments.  If you have extremely thick and/or long hair, you may need three or four sessions!  Flexibility is necessary when it comes to planning for an establishment.  With a well-established clientele, it is very difficult to find 2 or more empty days on the calendar for establishing a beautiful head of Sisterlocks®; therefore, rigid scheduling needs (i.e only weekend availability) cannot be accommodated.  At times, I do partner with other consultants to help speed up the process, but this takes careful planning and really comes down to the stars of our calendars aligning to make this happen!  Bottom line-- you must have some flexibility.


What if I am "tender-headed"?

While Sisterlocks® are not "painful" per se there is a certain amount of tension that is applied during the locking process that can be a bit much for someone who has a heightened sensitivity to having their hair handled.  If you are tender-headed to the point where combing or parting your natural hair is painful to you at home, you should seriously reconsider whether Sisterlocks® are right for you.  We discuss this during the consultation at length.  Additionally, we have heard stories of clients not being truthful about their tender-headedness with plans to "suck it up" for the establishment and we can tell you that this is NOT a good idea at all!  You need to be honest with your consultant when certain questions are asked at the consultation.  Having your Sisterlocks® established should be a peaceful process--not a painful one. When you are tender-headed, reasonable accommodations can be made to slow-down a bit, but if too much sensitivity is noted, you will not be a good candidate for services with LockZitude.

Can Sisterlocks® be removed after I have them installed?
While Sisterlocks® can technically be removed, I am sorry, but we do not perform this service!  It is a very tedious process as the locks are put in with the intention of them staying in forever.  If you get bored with your hair easily or feel that you would want to take them out, our advice would be to not get them.


How long will it take for my hair to lock after I get Sisterlocks®?

It is impossible to make this prediction.  Locks can take anywhere from six months to over a year to form.  Your consultant will keep you informed of the progress of your locks at each appointment; however, patience is required for the locking process.


Can I put color or oils in my hair with Sisterlocks®?

You can color Sisterlocks®, BUT all clients are advised that if they want color in their hair, they should do it before they get the locks established.  Once your locks are in, you will be advised against putting any type of color in your locks for 6 months to a year as color--no matter how "mild"-- can impact the formation of your locks!  Coloring too soon can create major issues in your locks and it can be VERY costly to fix; therefore, if you feel that you cannot go 6 months to a year without color, you should reconsider whether or not Sisterlocks® will be a good fit for you.  The same applies to using oil in your hair. Please know that you will sign an agreement with your consultant to follow their guidance during the formation of your locks. Deviating from the agreement and consultant's guidance may result in the consultant's refusal to continue servicing your locks.  Getting your locks estabished is a huge investment.  You have to ask yourself is the risk of coloring and using unauthorized products worth damaging your hair or reversing  your progress.