Hours & Pricing

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Services are available by appointment only.

Weekday and evening appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 7:30AM & 6PM. Saturday appointments are VERY limited! We are closed on Wednesdays & Sundays.

Potential clients must be age 15 or older.



The biggest driving force behind pricing is the length and thickness of your hair.  Establishment prices listed here are starting points for your financial planning and comparison purposes only. Starting prices listed here are based upon length only.  Additional costs are calculated for density, texture, and head size. Your specific pricing will be determined at your consultation appointment, but you will find that my rates are quite competitive for this area given the high level of service you will receive. Scroll down for regular pricing.



Initial Consultation $30.00 and non-refundable.   This consultation fee must be paid up front to secure your consultation date on the calendar. This lets me know that you are serious about your time and mine.  Your consultation fee will be applied toward your quoted establishment rate.  Consultations are a required component of your Sisterlocks® Package and will be scheduled after initial conversations and/ correspondemce with your consultant if she feels it is appropriate to move forward with a consultation appointment. Once a consultation date is solidified you will be sent prep instructions via email or text about 1-2 weeks before your appointment to explain  how to prepare your hair for the consultation. Plan to spend about 60-90 minutes with me.  During this session, we will discuss your hair care history, current grooming habits and challenges (if applicable), and discuss the Sisterlocks® process in depth.  Your hair will be assessed to determine which locking pattern will be best for your individual hair type.  If you decide to move forward with booking after our discussion, "test locks" will be placed in your hair.


Sisterlocks® Package  Fees start at $625 for   4 inches  of hair.  For each additional inch, add $75 to  up to  6 inches max .  Although some consultants will establish locks on shorter hair, Goldee's fingers need at least 4 HEALTHY inches of hair.  Anything shorter than 4 inches will not be considered for services.


LockZitude limits the establishment of Sisterlocks® to loose natural on hair that is 4-6 inches long only. At this time there are no exceptions on length over 6 inches.



☆T horough Consultation  to determine if Sisterlocks® by LockZitude are right for you!

☆Your Locking Session & Offical Starter Kit

☆Your First Retightening Session as long as it is completed within 3-4 weeks following your locking session.  Your regular retightening rate following the first retightening session will be discussed during your consultation. 



The following rates cover retightengings that occur on a regular maintenance schedule between 4-7 weeks.  At 8 weeks, add an additional $25 to the flat rate.

  • Regular retightening flat rates for up to 9 inches of hair: $105 (up to 3 hrs 15 min.)-
  • Regular retightening rate for 10+ inches of hair:  $120 (up to 3.5 hours)

$20 per half hour/$40 per hour rate kicks in after flat rate window


About the Consultation . . . 

Potential clients are advised that they should   only  attempt to   schedule   a   consultation   if  they are   serious about getting accurate information about Sisterlocks . Time is at a premium for LockZitude consultants especially going into a holiday season.  The consultation is an intimate and important discussion that takes time. ALL consultation appointments must be prepaid within three (3) calendar days of scheduling your appointment with the consultant to lock the appointment in the calendar. If you are offered a flash opening, the 3 day option to prepay does not apply. You will  be sent a detailed invoice. If payment is not received within the three calendar days, your appointment will not be saved and will be made available to another client seeking services.  Your consultant will discuss this with you when setting up your appointment.



Please note that whatever the length of your hair at the time of your consultation, your price quote will be based upon that length.  We always recommend that you get split/dead ends cut prior to getting your hair locked as split and tattered ends will not be locked and they will cause your beautiful locks to have an unkempt appearance, so get those ends nice and neat.



Not sure how to guestimate your hair length without a ruler?


A dollar bill is 6 inches long.  Is your hair longer or shorter than a dollar bill when fully stretched?  From here you have a ballpark idea of where your starting price quote might be.

Transfer Clients & Retightening Info


(currently not accepting transfers)

We recognize that many consultants do not accept transfer clients; however, our goal (when we are able to accommodate) is to help-- even those who are having MINOR difficulties with their Sisterlocks®.   Not all transfer requests will be accepted!  Be prepared to provide info about your current hair situation AND pictures of your hair in its current condition.  If you are not willing to provide key info regarding your lock history, it is very likely that you will not be provided an appointment.  We understand that things happen; however, at LockZitude the consultant/client relationship is a partnership that only thrives with transparency.


Transfer "Mini" Consultation:  $25 and non-refundable. The mini consultation is REQUIRED before LockZitude consultants will consider providing services.  Please know that mini consultations and initial appointments WILL NOT be scheduled for the same day.  You may be asked to send pictures of your hair prior to a consultation being scheduled.  Photos--when requested-- need to show front, sides, and back parting of your locks focusing on new growth and overall length.  It helps to have a friend snap the photos for you.


Mini consults are roughly 30 minutes long.We will first discuss a few basics via email or over the phone; however, an in-person consultation allows me to assess the condition of your locks, your retightening/repair needs, and to determine if there will be a good client/consultant "fit".    Initial retightening rates will likely be higher for your first retightening with LockZitude before your regular rate goes into effect.  All of this will be discussed during your mini consult. If you are uncomfortable providing background maintenance history about your locks, it is likely that you will not be accepted as a client.  I aim to be transparent with clients and I cannot help address issues if pertinent info is being withheld.


Important Transfer Retightening Info:

INITIAL transfer flat rates start at $125  for up to 3 hours of service.  After 3 hours, add $25 per additional half hour.  At 4 hours, we will stop and a 2nd appointment will have to scheduled.


***Repair Sessions:  Done at hourly rate of $50/hour. This is a separate session from a regular retightening and is scheduled separately from the regular retightening appointment***


If you had your Sisterlocks established elsewhere and are concerned about the progress of your lock development or the quality of maintenance, you can request an analysis consultation for $50.


Cash is always the preferred method of payment for establishments and retightening services; however, credit card payments are also accepted at LockZitude, LLC for your convenience.  Sorry, Pay Pal, personal checks, and other payment apps are not accepted.