About LockZitude™, LLC

Hi I'm Kim Carter, owner of LockZitude™, LLC. I am also known as Goldee.  I started my personal Sisterlocks® journey in April of 2013 with just over two inches of natural hair on the sides and back and three inches of natural hair on top. After years of multiple hairstyles and frustration and research, I felt after having my locsvestablished that I had finally found what my hair needed-- a haircare option that allowed my hair to "just be" and do its thing!


I grew to love my locks so much that I decided in 2015 to take steps to become a Certified Sisterlocks® Consultant not only to maintain my own hair in the event that my consultant was not available for services, but to also help other women learn to love and truly embrace the beauty and complexity of their natural hair. As a former English teacher and school administrator of over 16 years, I have the heart for teaching others and empowering those around me with knowledge and I have enjoyed connecting with my clients and seeing them transition through their amazing loc journeys!  At LockZitude™, clients are guaranteed a professional--yet laid back and relaxing atmosphere when they are in my chair.


While my personal loc journey has been amazing, I have decided to discontinue my active status with the brand.  As of October 12th, 2020, I made it official and announced that I would no longer be a part of the brand's registry. Although my name remains on the registry as of December 17, 2020 in spite of my legal request to have it removed, I make no claims of affiliation with the company other than the fact that I have the locking system in my hair.  I will continue offering these professional locking services for my wonderful clients and potential new clients the proper way that I was trained, I just choose not to support the promotion of the brand's practices financially, which has no bearing on my skillset.  Clients will continue to receive the same high level of customer service and loc care they've always been accustomed to at LockZitude™.


In this business, availability can shift from month to month and week to week!  I do this full time and offer mostly weekday appointments with a few evening appointments weekly and some limited Saturday availabiity.  I typically am closed on Sundays and Wednesdays, but scheduling is often a complex target.


All services are offered by appointment only and a consultation is required before any services will be considered, so if you're looking for a walk-in service provider, another consultant will be a better fit for you.  In this business it is essential that clients and locticians are a good fit for each other because the locking process is very personal and one that takes time and patience.  For this reason, I take client selection very seriously and do not accept all requests for services. 


Because I do hair during the day and focus on my clients, cold calls and text inquiries for info are highly discouraged and will often be referred here to the website for basic information.  When I have availability to take clients, the appropriate contact form will be active on this site--otherwise; the books are closed until openings come available.  I do not maintain waitlists.